About a playlist

Hopefully you’ve noticed a new and very important addition to the LHLL website; and no it’s not the lo/hi bag (although that is both new and very important). It’s Radio LHLL, a direct connection to all of the music that makes up our brand DNA. 

Let’s take a look at Organized Chaos, a playlist containing more than 12 hours worth of music spanning decades and genres yet seemingly all work together. We’ve carefully grouped songs together in a way that might seem a bit random at first, but just kinda works. 

You might find yourself listening to a group of  songs featuring Tom Morello and then an abrupt shift over to Brit pop rock chart toppers from Oasis and The Verve.  We take you on a wild ride through classic rock and punk pop.  First you’re listening to Queens of the Stone Age and next thing you know, it’s Queen

Looking for something more specific?  We’ve got a playlist for that. No seriously, whatever mood you’re in, we’ve got you covered. Are you relaxing outside on a perfect day?  Feel the urge to kick and scream?  Have you been crying your heart out?  Maybe you just need to wash your dirty hair. Listen, we don’t judge. 

Our music represents who we are; a true mix of this and that, and when put together, create a cohesive catalogue of everything you need.  A little high, a little low and everything in between. 

Radio LHLL is always evolving and our playlists are forever expanding. Let us create the soundtrack for your day, or at least your online shopping habit. 

June 20, 2023 — Rebecca Ravenna