all eyes on the TAYLOR sweatpants

You might not be aware, but we kinda have a thing for the Foo Fighters.  Oh, you did know?  Ok well we also love Queen…yeah ok also obvious.

Well, the the overlap of the Foo Fighters and Queen venn diagram is none other than Taylor Hawkins. The Foo Fighters drummer was Queen’s #1 fan, forming a deep friendship with the surviving members and it was a bittersweet moment listening to Brian May and Roger Taylor perform at the Taylor Hawkins memorial concert. 

So when it came down to giving this next piece a name, it seemed pretty obvious for us to pay tribute to an artist that has given us so much inspiration through his music. 

The Taylor sweatpants are the easiest way to elevate your loungewear game. They’re the epitome of comfort meets style. The relaxed fit and wide-leg design offers the perfect blend of laid-back chic and effortless cool. Made from super soft cotton fleece, these sweatpants provide all-day comfort without compromising on fashion so you can go ahead, rock the cozy vibes. Play some Queen and then play some Foo Fighters and enjoy!

May 20, 2023 — Rebecca Ravenna