little lo/ little hi

Introducing the lo/hi bag, a testament to the essence of 90s minimalism. Think simplicity, functionality, and undeniable coolness. With its thoughtful design, premium materials, and attention to detail, the lo/hi bag is everything we want and nothing we don't.

Staying true to our 90s-meets-modern minimalism aesthetic, the lo/hi bag captures a sense of understated elegance. Characterized by clean lines, it exudes an effortlessness that never goes out of style. Constructed from premium cowhide leather, chosen for its smooth texture and durability, this bag is built to last; we're talking DECADES. The carefully selected materials ensure a luxurious feel while maintaining its ability to withstand the rigors of daily use.

It's perfect size, optimized to fit all your essentials, making it the ideal companion for wherever your day takes you.  Seriously, this bag has got you covered. 

In line with our minimalist approach, the lo/hi bag boasts a subtle logo. You won't find any flashy branding on the exterior, that's simply not our vibe.  Instead, a delicate stamp discreetly adorns the interior pocket, adding a touch of sophistication. The adjustable leather shoulder strap allows you to find the perfect length, ensuring both comfort and a personalized style statement. With this bag, you can effortlessly express your individuality while maintaining a sleek and cohesive look.

To preserve the bag's clean and sleek aesthetics, we incorporated a hidden zipper. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of functionality without compromising on the silhouette. Not only does it maintain the bag's overall minimalist appeal, but it also prevents the dreaded bag dump spillage. Your stuff will stay exactly where it belongs.

This bag represents the perfect marriage of luxury, functionality, and undeniable coolness with out the crazy high luxury designer markup.  And it's every bit as good, honestly, we'd say better.  It's not like we're biased or anything...

June 30, 2023 — Rebecca Ravenna