down with athleisure: the new guard of comfort dressing

if I never have to hear the word athleasure again, it will be too soon. the world caught on that it was more comfortable to wear leggings than jeans and we apparently we needed a word for it and that's the best thing we came up with.  I’m going to be honest though, I don't really love wearing leggings.  I do really love wearing sweatpants though.

I'd much rather get mistaken for just rolling out of bed than coming from the gym.  first of all, the embarrassment of being asked if you just worked out and having to say no far outweighs the shame of being asked if you just woke up from a nap.  and in my case, the likelihood of the answer being yes is much higher.

the key to elevating this streetwear meets grunge vibe is to introduce a bit of luxury into mix.  do not underestimate how transformative the right shoe can be.  on the rare occurrence I leave my home after sunset, my go to look is a pair of LHLL cropped sweats paired with heels and a leather jacket.  I then sleep in them (no shoes required) and wake up and throw on a hoodie and a cool pair of sneakers.  the styling of the actual sweats is important too.  a cropped hem, a rolled hem or a tucked in sweatshirt all make the world of difference.

 the one mistake that is going to kill this look is lack of confidence.  wearing sweats and feeling good about it is really all it comes down to.  it sounds simple, but I've always said my best styling tip is believing you look cool.  this is not a traditionally attractive look so second guessing yourself will kill the vibe.

by rebecca ravenna

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