when sanjana realized she needed a purse: a coming of age story

When I was 19, I only needed my pockets to store things. It was convenient because I had few things to carry. As I reached adulthood I needed more storage to carry things like tampons, lipstick, keys, and a taser. Purses are a symbol of maturity, it was a proper transition to my 20’s.  I remember the first time I bought a purse, I was a sophomore at Community college of Denver. The bag that I first bought myself was a black envelope sized crossbody, with a gold chain. This bag was a symbol of my confidence. For several years it was the best relationship I ever had. It was with me through numerous dates, good and bad, as well as nights at the club dancing with and shooting pictures of my good friends. It even carried my camera which commenced my career as a photographer. I’ve left it places a few times but aside from that it was there for me all along.

as told by sanjana stein

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