soaked in BLEACH

Their instagram account is set on private and their website is almost always closed.  There isn't a lot of information out there about bleached goods, but the creators behind the best selling iron karl t shirts know how to make a point...if not subtly.  Fresh off Hedi Slimane's takeover at Celine, bleach released their shake up graphic.  A spin on an '89 cinderella concert t shirt, the design gives a nod towards the wild west climate of the current fashion world.  As of late, design houses have seen major disruptions, but none more heavily debated and talked about than Celine.  Gone is the accent over the E and a design ethos mourned by many (see old Celine).  In its place is a new look that is decidedly Hedi.  Regardless of your opinions in the direction he has taken Celine, you can't argue that the man does what he wants while yielding results for the house he works for.  Very cowboy, very rock and roll and very LHLL.

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