the creation of the first LHLL piece: a self-serving exercise

the very first piece that I created for LHLL, and every piece since, has been done out of pure self interest.  I make things for myself and am then humbled when other people want them. I have learned to trust my gut and lean on my personal taste in things.  I had a favorite sweatshirt, it was vintage and oversized, incredibly soft and worn, and I loved it.  the problem was I only had one, so logic would suggest that I needed more.  

and so the idea for the  LHLL vintage crew was born.  I hand picked 20 of the best vintage raglan sweatshirts, making sure they were up to my very high sweatshirt standards (not joking) and then I took to my instagram stories. I was not expecting what happened next: they sold out within a few hours.  

this was the piece that launched our brand and while we quickly learned that we needed more than 20, each and every vintage sweatshirt that gets embroidered with our logo is hand picked by us.  


written by Rebecca Ravenna

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