the LHLL crop sweats: our mvp (most valuable product)

it's the kind of thing you have to try on to understand, the magic that is the LHLL crop sweats.  we wanted to create the perfect pair of sweatpants.  we are really f*cking picky and our criteria was rigorous.  they needed to be black and not fade after a million washes.  they needed to be soft.  they needed to be flattering.  they needed to be something people would want to wear not only to lounge around, but more importantly, out of the house.  sweatpants suitable for public; maybe even for work.  so here's the pitch...wear them with a cool heel and a leather jacket to go out in, come home and sleep in them and then in the morning, throw them on with a sneaker and a sweater.  we are talking 36 hours of living your best life.  they also come in grey  so you can wear one pair while the other is in the wash.  you're welcome.



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